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Who are We?

We are the Rural Bengal Biospheric Research Foundation; a Kolkata based registered society under WBSRA-1961, Government of West Bengal in the year 2013-14. Having received our non-profit status under the Income Tax Act 12AA and 80G, we are also registered with NITI Ayyog, Government of India. We are an extensional part to the internationally famous environmental platform NATURE INDIA GROUP, which dominantly worked on forest and wildlife protection in India, since 1989. We are much focused on environment friendly sustainable development where the optimum awareness regarding Forest, Biodiversity and Environment protection can only be achieved, when we can empower the women and to ensure their Skill-specific Livelihood Avenues in a sustained manner; so that they will bring a greater control on natural resources exploitation, ruthlessly! Thus, we primarily focus on their need-base and encourage them towards self-reliability and dependence whilst protecting the environment; which is and must be, the proper definition of a sustainable development.

What we do?

The RBRF truly is a rural in its essence, as the organization draws inspiration from the forest-side villages and derives solutions of their livelihood problems. Our vision has multifold dimensions yet is as simple as it can be. We are pledged to conserve the biodiversity by empowering rural and urban women by skill development and generating sustainable livelihood among the less privileged community.

The primary focus segments of our organization are:

  • Women empowerment through Skill Development, Entrepreneurship Development, Personal Assistance, Promotional Assistance and Placement Assistance.
  • Ground level training on Organic Agriculture, Livestock and Fishery practices.
  • Propagation and preservation of Tribal Cultural Heritage.
  • Forest research and execution of forestry extension programs.
  • Wildlife research and biodiversity conservation programs.

The organization is maintaining its intensive Rural Area Network (RAN) throughout the state of West Bengal, most notably operational at Sundarbans (North & South 24 Pargana Districts), Duars (Jalpaiguri District), Terrai (Darjeeling District) and Jungle Mahal (Purulia, Bankura and West Mednapore Districts). Collectively, our RAN is deep-rooted at 40 different CD Blocks of the state, with a staggering reach to about 50,00,000 population approximately.

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