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  • Unique Feature: First in India
  • Mentor: Member, IUCN-CEC
  • Course Duration: 1 - 36 Months
  • Prospect: Associate / Freelance / Retainer /
  • Staff Wildlife Photographer of Nature Indian
  • Enquiry: +91-76040-32782

Certificate Course on

Wildlife Photography and Applied Ecology

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Upto 100% Scholarship Available on Merit Basis


Unlike any other genre of photography, Wildlife photography is the most challenging one. It's an adventurous career that demands mental and physical fitness. It cannot be compared with any other discipline of traditional photography. Broadly, the difference can be defined as the photography part occupies say 20% of total wildlife photography, whereas the ecology part covers 80%. So, a wildlife photographer should become an applied ecologist first with sound knowledge on eco-regions, bio-geography zones, habitats, habits, ecological importance, threats and in-situ/ex-situ conservation status of each species, according to their taxonomical order, family and genus as well.

As a profession, wildlife photography requires immense passion for wildlife along with a strong determination and contribution for their conservation. Unfortunately, there is no such training course in India. The RBRF-Nature India Group has launched this course first in India. One can take his/her passion to the next level of profession. Ultimately, today’s trainee would be a prominent conservationist for tomorrow who will work for a cleaner, better and safer earth where the man and nature can live in harmony.